Sunday, September 5, 2010

So Long IE

Internet Explorer was not giving up. My attempts of downloading Firefox were futile, because each time I started the download IE would catch up. The best I could do was get halfway through the download, so I just gave up and went to the beach.

Upon my return, I tried again, and IE just wouldn't give up on just needing to close, but I tried once more, and success! Firefox is mine! Not only that, but it works five times faster and doesn't close every time I want to do something. I'm writing this on the Firefox browser. I guess there is a moral or a lesson learned here, and I can only hope the problem is solved.

Internet Explorer Has a Problem

Are you serious?

Microsoft Internet Explorer Encountered a Problem and Needs to Close


Not again.

I really need to see this webpage, and I don't want Internet Explorer to close. If you get this kind of message, you know what I'm saying. This engrains a sense of denial that no other computer pop up does. It shouldn't be taken personally, but when it happens over and over again, and you work online, it's hard not to go through a series of emotions and, of course, expletives, each time.

Luckily, Microsoft has a resourceful webpage for the self-troubleshooter, like I am. Designated, it lists a few things to do to try to resolve this.

Check. I tried disabling the script debugging, but error messages related to something needing to be debugged kept popping up; and then, you guessed it, IE closed.

Check. I downloaded the update to the Pdm.dll, whatever that is, and it
installed. The dreaded close message still appears, but less frequently.

Internet Explorer apparently does not like when I close secondary windows that pop up (though not necessarily pop-ups, but closing those triggers IE's dejection of my desire to use it as well).

The next thing I did was scan with Webroot AntiVirus. A few bad boys were found and deleted, though I don't know whether they were working their evil or just sipping a soda or taking a rest along the information superhighway. They're gone at least.

The scan finished late last night, so we'll see if this insanity continues. If it does, I may command my hard drive to sip up some Firefox. Word on the PCB paths is that it doesn't carry as much of a burden. I may be ready to do that any minute now.